Week six featured some amazing games. Auburn nearly lost to fellow SEC team Kentucky, LSU barely beat out Florida, Oregon State took down No. 9 Arizona, and South Carolina toppled No. 1 Alabama. 

After all that...who reigns supreme in college football now? What happens to Alabama? Does Boise State still have a shot at a national championship game?

Look for the answers to all those questions and more, in my unbiased and totally honest top 25, broken up into five parts. 

25. North Carolina State Wolfpack (5-1, 2-1)

The Wolfpack have had some ups and downs this season. From dominating Cincinnati and Georgia Tech, to dropping a big one against Virginia Tech, it's been a rocky road.

However, the numbers speak for themselves. NCST is still 5-1, and has a top 35 offense and defense. 

They looked good against Boston College, and quarterback Russell Wilson is leading NCST to one of the best starts in school history.

24. Missouri Tigers (5-0, 1-0)

The worst undefeated team in the nation has to be Missouri.

They squeak by Illinois and San Diego State, then have their only impressive win of the season against bottom-dweller Colorado. I fail to be impressed.

The Tigers do earn brownie points for being undefeated, but they haven't been really tested yet, and when they do we'll all see Missouri to be top 25 frauds. 


23. Florida Gators (4-2, 2-2)

It's been three years since Florida has lost more than one game. At the time we had no idea who Tim Tebow was, LSU still ruled the SEC, and Lloyd Carr was still coaching Michigan.

Now fast forward to 2010: Tim Tebow is gone, Florida is rebuilding, and has lost to LSU for only the second time in five years.

Florida clearly hasn't gotten over the losses of some major superstars during the past off-season. It may take a year or two for them to bounce back. For now, they're lucky to be in the top 25.


22. Michigan Wolverines (5-1, 1-1)

Michigan played a great game against in-state rival Michigan State. For the third straight year the Spartans came out on top, in the biggest win of the rivalry since 2006.

Denard Robinson had his worst performance of the year, overthrowing multiple receivers, and threw three interceptions.

The Michigan State offense dominated Michigan nearly the entire game, and left with a 34-17 victory. 

Robinson said after the game they have to forget about the loss, and look forward to the game against Iowa. 

Michigan will barely hang on to a top 25 ranking, and a loss against Iowa (which I predict will be the case) will surely plunge them from any top 25 votes.

21. Oklahoma State Cowboys (5-0, 1-0)

Here's an unimpressive undefeated team. They're a lot of fun to watch, but have only allowed less than four touchdowns once this year. They play unimpressive teams, and perform worse than they should.

The defense is basically horrendous (87th), however the high powered offense keeps them alive. They haven't been really challenged yet, but when they do, it'll get ugly for the Cowboys.