Last weekend was an amazing display of college football. From close games like Tennessee and LSU, Ohio State and Illinois, to blowouts such as the Florida and Alabama game. 

Oregon and Stanford was another spectacular game to watch. Well, unless you're a Cardinal fan. 

The first half was pretty nasty, and Stanford went up by 18 points. Most fans were pissed off, and I admit I threw the remote and screamed and Darron Thomas more than once. 

However who am I kidding? The Ducks have consistently been a second half team. No challenge is un-conquerable for Oregon at this point. A 39 point swing led Oregon to win by 21. That's simply incredible. 

LaMichael James is now third in the Heisman race according to CBS, and there's even talks of Darron Thomas being one of the premier quarterbacks in college football now. 

What, though, did we learn from Saturday's game?

1) Oregon is a second half team.

There's a pattern being set here. Oregon gets clobered in the first quarter, has minimal improvement in the second quarter, then slaps the you-know-what out of teams in the second half. 

Quite frankly, I think I'll just skip the first quarter of all the Ducks games from now on. I'm tired of losing my voice screaming at the television. 

The second half rolls around, and'd never guess Stanford was a ranked football team.

I'm alright with that, it makes for a better comeback. 

2) Josh Huff is a up-and-coming superstar.

I mean are you kidding me? With a touchdown a last two weeks, and a rushing touchdown against Portland State, I'm making a prediction here. 

Next year, Josh Huff will be the premier wide receiver on the Ducks team along with Lavasier Tuinei. Thats a pair of great receivers right there.

Between the blocking, great catches, and speed, I'm convinced Josh Huff will continue to be a factor for the Ducks this year and beyond.

3) LaMichael James is a Heisman contender.

Terrelle Pryor, Kellen Moore, Denard Robinson, now LaMichael James. That's right, he's a serious Heisman contender. 

If he keeps doing what he did to Stanford all year long, he'll be the best running back in college football, and yet another sophomore to win the Heisman.

He's got over 700 yards, seven touchdowns, and averages eight yards per rush. And remember, he missed the first game against New Mexico. 

Take the average 176 yards per game and add that on, he's got 888 yards midway through the year. This means James is on pace to get 1776 yards this season, and 17-18 touchdowns. That's impressive no matter who you are. 

Assuming Michigan's superstar QB Denard Robinson's star status doesn't last forever, LaMichael James has a very serious chance of winning the Heisman. 

Thanks to Stanford, the nation realizes that now.